JNL Racing

Originally a small machine shop speciaising predominantly in head and engine work for forced induction engines. Currently having carried out work on some of UK’s most powerful homebuild track cars.
We deal with both public and the trade bringing in recent years more naturally aspirated applications like Historic Formula Ford 2000, Jaguar E-Type’s, Austin Healey, MGB’s and various other historic trackday cars.
We pride ourselves in being an engineering based automotive shop on the fact one never stops learning, as there is always a new way to hack life’s challenges.
New higher power demands have also driven us to expand over recent years into drivetrain, suspension and ECU upgrades striving to push the boundaries through our inhouse engineering mods.


High performance engine builds
Specialist cylinder porting
Turbo kits
ECU management and callibration
Custom suspension and brake setups
Custom drivetrain solutions
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