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Badger 5 have been around in the VAG tuning scene for a large number of years and Bill Brockbank, who runs Badger 5, has a huge amount of knowledge with both working on these cars and experience with the tuning market.   Founded in August 2000, they can offer basic repair and servicing, all the way up to custom remapping on their own in-house rolling road to race preparation including geometry and corner weighting.

Some of the wide range of services they offer include:

  • Servicing and repair work
  • Rolling road tuning and power runs
  • Bespoke turbo installs and fabrication
  • Stainless steel and Aluminium custom fabrication and welding
  • Race preparation and alignments
  • Corner weighting
  • Custom engine builds and gearbox builds
  • Large online shop of tuning parts

Badger 5 also offer a huge amount of parts online from something as small as airfilters, all the way up to custom ECUs and Management, to engine hardware from the likes of Integrated Engineering

If you require getting in touch with Badger 5, you can go to their website by clicking their logo above or through the link listed below with other contact details

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