K04-064 Advice

The K04-064, fitted from factory to the MK5 platform Golfs, Edition 30 and Audi S3. Such a great punchy turbo when fitted to a 1.8T engine. Offers superb partial throttle drive-ability around town, and delivers a menacing punch when opened up to the full potential.

A few years ago, the first K04-064 was trial fitted to a 1.8T engine and made great results. With a OEM parts catalogue to fit, bar a few custom requirements, there were a few people followed suit and shortly after, its now becoming a fast and often asked about turbo on a 1.8T….and we can certainly see why!

As with the k03 and k04, when fitting the k04-064 we need to ensure that the setup is has the suitable hardware for stage 2 and above. Take a look at our Stage 1 and Stage 2 tuning guides for advice on the full hardware setup.

For a full guide on how to fit the k04-064 to the 1.8t take a look at our K04-064 fitting guide.

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